Trollin’ Nolan And The Hair Force

At first I resisted joining the chorus of Twitterati and writing a blog post about Stewart Mills’ new hairdo. But you people have forced my hand.

It all began on Wednesday when former MN08 candidate Stewart Mills tweeted a photo of his new haircut, a consequence, he said, of some singeing due to a grilling incident.

As it did during the 2014 election, Mills’ hair got some attention. The Star Tribune did a reaction roundup and a separate article based on an interview with the GOP’s Brad Pitt.

It wasn’t until the last paragraph (not counting another Mills quote re: his ‘do) that the story got around to reporting on whether Mills would actually run again in 2016, but hey, I’m just splitting hairs here.

That wasn’t the last of it, though. Mills’ once and (possibly) future opponent, U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan, fired off a tweet of his own, kicking it into full troll mode:

There you have it, folks. The first issue of the 2016 election in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District is officially…. haircuts.  Getting serious for a second, my money would be on Mills not running again, because his campaign committee was terminated earlier this year. Also, in the few times Mills has tweeted following the election last year, he’s referenced on multiple occasions the bitterness of the attack ads that ran against him.

But on the other hand, national Republicans put gobs of money and effort into the district last year, and Mills did garner interest nationwide. It’s impossible to tell now unless Mills himself announces.

I suppose summer is less a time for substance and more a time for letting your hair down. That is, what length of hair you have left.

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